Broken Chain: How the White and Indian Worlds Remembered Henry Hudson and the Dutch by Bill Greer

An illustrated e-pamphlet to commemorate the 400th anniversary in 2009 of Henry Hudson’s arrival in the land that would become New York. Two powerful tribes greeted Hudson around Albany, the Mohicans and the Mohawks. Each retained stories of their early encounters with Hudson and the Dutchmen who followed. Combining Dutch records with Indian legends passed to the white men through conferences with colonial authorities and missionaries who lived among the Indians, Broken Chain presents three perspectives on the Covenant Chain, the supposed peace to which the Dutch, Mohicans and Mohawks agreed.

About the Author: Bill Greer has spent much of his working life in what was once New Amsterdam and is a Trustee of the New Netherland Institute. He is the author of The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan, a novel of New Amsterdam that paints a real and humorous portrait of Dutch life on the Hudson through the eyes of a sharp-tongued bride who comes among the first settlers. The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan is available on Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle.


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