Coming to Terms with Early New netherland – New York History: 1609, Henri Hudson revisited

An alternative take on Henry Hudson and his 1609 voyage, probing early source material to examine the nature of the man and his historic expedition to the New York region.Contents

• Introduction
• I Apex
• II Wooing Hudson
• III Rigging Out
• IV The English Connection
• V The Voyage There
• VI The Geopolitical Lens
• VII First Contact
• VIII Up The River
• IX Accounting
• X Last Act

About the Writers

Hubert de Leeuw is an entrepreneur and businessman and has spent 20 years researching early New Netherland history. Born in the Netherlands, he now lives in Flanders, near the city of Antwerp.
Timothy Paulson is a freelance writer specializing in history and biography for young people with a BA in English from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He lives in New York City.

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