1614-1624: 400 years of Trade & Diplomacy between The Netherlands and the USA

This agreement with the Native Americans provided the foundation for the birth in 1614 of New Netherland, a trade region stretching from Delaware in the south to New England in the north.
From as early as 1611 Dutch traders had been in the region, helping build a robust network of trade with the Mohican and Mohawk groups that would eventually lead to the founding of the West Indies Company in 1621, and the establishment of a permanent Dutch colony at New Amsterdam in 1624.

In 2014 it will also be 400 years since:
• New Netherland was granted a trading license by the States General of the Netherlands
• Fort Nassau was founded on Castle Island in present-day Albany
• The New Netherland Company formed
• The first New Netherland map appeared
• The first New England map appeared

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