1614-2014, Commemorating 400 years of New-Netherland. Celebrating its birthday October 11th 2014

October 11th 2014 it is exactly 400 years ago that the New-Netherland Company (Formed in summer 1614) got its exclusive license, Octroi, granted to trade in the Nordh American region between the 40th° and 45th° parallel, between Nova Francia and Virginia,  from the Dutch Staten General (The Governing body of the  Dutch United Provinces (The Netherlands) in the 15th and 16th centuries.

New Netherland, New York Beginnings 1609-1624

Cover of the book: New Netherland, New York Beginnings 1609-1624

Since a long time Hubert de Leeuw has a link with the Northeast of the United States. Or better, with the area that once was New Netherland. With the determination of the old discoverers, Hubert gathered for years stories about the history of New Netherland and its influence on nowadays America.

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1614-1624: 400 years of Trade & Diplomacy between The Netherlands and the USA

This agreement with the Native Americans provided the foundation for the birth in 1614 of New Netherland, a trade region stretching from Delaware in the south to New England in the north.
From as early as 1611 Dutch traders had been in the region, helping build a robust network of trade with the Mohican and Mohawk groups that would eventually lead to the founding of the West Indies Company in 1621, and the establishment of a permanent Dutch colony at New Amsterdam in 1624.
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Adriaen Block & Hendrick Christiaenson Historische Werkgroep

The Adriaen Block and Hendrick Christianson’s Historische Workgroup (ABHC-HW) was initiated in 1994 by Hubert de Leeuw. In the ensuing years, much has happened. It began in 1992. While traveling for business in Seattle, Hubert made a side trip to Vancouver, British Columbia where he made a surprising discovery: New Netherland. He was intrigued, to say the least. As an entrepreneur and explorer by nature, he followed the path that had opened in front of him and found his way to Albany, New York and the Hudson River Valley. He has continued to explore and study the area and its history, making it an integral part of his life and a focus for his energy.
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